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Dr. Robert Moss, PT

“The 7 Secrets To Permanent Relief for Neck and Back Arthritis”

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Fantastic Results

At MOSS Rehabilitation Center we are not happy until you are happy. Our number one priority is helping you return to the life you dream of. Whether it is getting out of pain or being able to bend over to garden, we are here to help.


Award Winning Customer Service

MOSS Rehabilitation Center has been awarded best “PHYSICAL THERAPY” in Parker County 4 years in a row. Stop by anytime and chat with our friendly staff.

Personalized Attention

At MOSS Rehabilitation Center you are treated like family. We want to create an environment where you want to return to again (if needed) and refer your friends and family members.


State of The Art Physical Therapy Treatments


Convenient Location


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  • Award Winning
  • Treatment specific for your condition
  • Licensed Therapist working with you
  • Helping your return to the life you dream of
Customer Service
Personal Attention
Hand On Care
Awesome Results


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Dr. Robert Moss PT
Dr. Robert Moss PT

Physical Therapist

Robert enjoys reading,  cycling and spending time with his family.

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Dr. Craig Griebel PT
Dr. Craig Griebel PT

Physical Therapist

Craig is happily married enjoys outdoor activities and playing “The Cat Game” with his wife.

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  • I Just Wanna Get Back To My Garden

    Before physical therapy I had a lot of pain in my right hip that traveled down my leg and across the top of my foot.  I was barely walking.  During my evaluation Craig taught me several exercises.  Before my next visit I was pain free except when getting out of bed.  I am at the end of my physical therapy visits and have no pain.  I am stronger – Watch out!!!

    Sandy Aitken      


  • A Rookies Story

    Being my first time to ever have Physical Therapy (PT) I didn’t know what to expect. I can say my PT was a wonderful and healing experience. My pain is drastically less and I am back to full function. The staff is great and very friendly. I had no problems doing any of the activities and truly believe in Physical Therapy now. Thank you all!!

    Daniel Rivas



    Kicking Knee Pain

    “I went from using a crutch to assist with my knee pain and walking to no assistance, minimal pain and being able to go back to work. I feel great. Thank you so, so much!”
    Sherene Wray




    Flexibility Fix

    Before physical therapy I was not able to bend over and touch my toes, stand from a seated position, or walk for extended periods of time without losing power in my leg. The main cause was determined and now with my SI joint belt I can do everything normal again. I am very happy about that.    Thank you!!

    Shawna Copeland