Come see why MOSS Rehabilitation Center was voted Best Physical Therapy in Parker County 4 years in a row by the Springtown Epigraph.

  • Friendly and Fun Atmosphere

  • Evening hours available (no need to miss work or school)

  • Participating with all major insurance companies

  • Convenient location with plenty of parking close to the building (no stairs)

  • Fantastic Results

  • Thorough Explanation of your problem and how PT can help

  • World Class Care from PTs who have a proven track record of getting results

Award 4 Years

We have over 22 years of experience as Physical Therapist and have treated thousands of patients with problems just like yours. From the stay at home Mom with back or neck pain to the weekend warrior with a bum knee. The office worker who has neck pain along with numbness in her hand from typing all day or the high school athlete wanting to get back on the field or court. Clients who have had surgery or are looking to avoid surgery we have helped.

Begin easing your pain and quickly return to the quality of life YOU dream of.

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“Convenient, compassionate care you deserve, the results you desire”

  • “Before therapy, my shoulder was extremely weak.  Lifting it above my head was painful and would pop, click and catch.  After figuring out I didn’t have to have surgery on what I thought was a torn labrum, I was hopeful to know Dr. Moss knew what was wrong and could help me to build strength and stabilize the joint so I would be able to work out again.  Today there is no pain and I can lift objects above my head!  I definitely notice strength has been built and the joint isn’t as loose.  If it wasn’t for such a great staff I don’t think I would have this good report.  I am so thankful for everyone here, giving me the resources for recovery!” Sam Brownback

  •  When I started at Moss Rehabilitation Center I was in lots of pain, limped and could not bend my knee very well at all.  After weeks of therapy, my pain level is pretty much gone.  I can now walk approximately 1 ½ miles without difficulty.  I can now perform most tasks that I was not able to do before coming here.  The things I most liked about MOSS Rehab is the employees are so friendly and helpful.  The physical therapist work hands on with the patients.  I have had physical therapy other places in the past and this was never done.  I am excited to be where I am as far as the function of my knee. Denese Altom 
  •  “After my rotator cuff surgery my left arm was practically useless. After three or four months of therapy, I am able to use it for almost anything. The staff at MOSS have been extremely helpful, courteous and professional. I would recommend them to anyone for rehab.” Stan Shipman