Cast of Characters

Welcome to MOSS Rehabilitation Center. Below you will see a list of our friendly staff who you will encounter on your road to recovery. While we take our job very serious and want you to have an exceptional experience we also like to have a good time while doing it.

When I was in Physical Therapy school I would get together with friends to watch several shows on Thursday night and one of them was Seinfeld. I became a huge fan and truly enjoyed the wide range of characters that would make appearances on the show from time to time. I enjoyed the stories Kramer would tell and the neurotic behaviors of George Costanza. At times I feel like the clinic is Jerry’s apartment and the staff are the main characters of the show. All of our clients play supporting rolls to this crazy everyday show that happens at the clinic. This is a real reality show without the drama and a goal of getting you well, with some fun thrown in.

Because of my love of Seinfeld I decided to call this page the “cast of characters” at MOSS Rehabilitation Center. In addition to some serious stuff about us I also wanted to tell you some funny stuff as well. Enjoy


PS: I did all of the narration for the “character traits”



Dr. Robert Moss PT, ScD, OCS, FAAOMPT

Physical Therapist, Managing Partner of MOSS Rehabilitation Center LLP

Dr. Moss has 19 years of experience as a physical therapist with an emphasis in orthopedics. He graduated from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) with a Masters in Physical Therapy in 1998 and from the Doctorate of Sciences Program in Physical Therapy in 2007 (ScD). Dr. Moss is a certified orthopedic specialist (OCS) through the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and Fellowship trained in orthopedic manual therapy. (FAAOMPT) Dr. Moss certified with the International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine-United States (IAOM-US) in 2002 and teaches continuing education courses for physicians, physical therapist, occupational therapist and athletic trainers across the United States. Dr. Moss is a Board Member for the Springtown Chamber of Commerce and current President. His hobbies include spending time with his family and cycling.


Character Traits:
Although I don’t really have a Seinfeld name I guess I would be “Jerry”. I am serious at times, have a dry sense of humor and have a wonderful group of friends that I work with. I love to laugh and get the biggest kick out of the stories I hear in the clinic and from my kids at home. I actually have a Klein mountain bike hanging in my garage similar to the one hanging up in Jerry’s apartment.


Dr. Craig Griebel PT, DPT
Staff Physical Therapist

Dr. Griebel received his doctorate of physical therapy from Texas Tech School of Allied Health in May of 2014. Originally from Amarillo, Dr. Griebel enjoys the friendly nature of Springtown and looks forward to calling it his home for several years to come. He has a passion for treating stroke and balance conditions, but enjoys the diversity of different orthopedic conditions commonly seen at MOSS Rehabilitation Center. Dr. Griebel is married and enjoys hiking and other outdoor activities.


Character Traits:
It didn’t take me long to come up with several different “characters” that Craig reminded me of. He is a typical “bachelor” for now and loves his junk food and has earned the name “Elf” after Will Ferrell’s character in the movie by the same name. He lives on a steady diet of “candy, candy cane, candy corn and syrup”. His crazy antics in the clinic have also earned him the name “Kramer” from my favorite show Seinfeld.


Natalie Green
Patient Service Representative

Natalie is the wonderful voice of the clinic that you hear when you call. She lives locally in Springtown and we were fortunate enough to have her join our staff. Originally from California she has excellent customer service skills and loves the friendly atmosphere of the clinic, and she happens to be a Seinfeld fan.

Character Traits:

Natalie has some Elaine characteristics along with Kramer. She has a great sense of humor and is always laughing. Some of the stories she has told sound too crazy to be true…just like Kramer. 

Tyla Haley
Insurance Specialist

Tyla is a hard worker yet fun spirit. She currently works 3 days a week handling the daunting task of managing our insurance billing, receivables and statements. She joined us in January 2016. She is married and has a son. 

Character Traits:

Unfortunately Tyla is locked away in “solitary confinement” during the day while dealing with insurance companies but when she does come out to interact we have a good time. She fits in with the rest of the “cast” at the clinic. 

Adrienne Easter “Easter Bunny” 
PT Tech

Easter as everyone calls her is currently working towards applying for a position at the Weatherford PTA program. As a young child she spent plenty of time with me in the clinic getting therapy.  She saw how helpful and rewarding a career in Physical Therapy can be which is what she is working towards. She works part time while attending school.

Character Traits:

Easter reminds me of Elaine. She fits right in with the guys in the clinic and she is able to hold her own. 

Annabelle McCreary 
PT Tech

Annabelle is a very quiet lady. Sometimes she talks so softly I have to ask her to speak up. It is not that I can’t hear it is just that she is that quiet. She is married and has a few kids.

Character Traits:

She is Leslie the “low talker” in the “Puffy Shirt” episode. She talks so low that Jerry agrees to wear a new puffy shirt  “like the pirates used to wear” when he can’t hear what she is saying.

Maci Mitchell
PT Tech

Maci is a recent graduate from Hardin Simmons Kinesiology program and is actively pursuing a career in Physical Therapy. She is currently applying to several PT schools in Texas.

Character Traits:

Maci reminds me of “Sally Weaver”. She appears in an episode where she is talking so fast it causes Kramer to snap. She is full of energy and moves quickly.