What is it? Doesn’t every Physical Therapist do it?

The quick answer is no! Believe it or not many physical therapist or physicians do not touch their patients. This make examining your condition very difficult and often leads to misdiagnosis.

In the most basic terms Hands On Care is when the therapist physically moves, stretches and massages your joints and muscles. This helps improve blood flow, healing, reduces pain and increases flexibility.

Hands on care is extremely effective when combined with specific exercises for your condition.

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Warning: Do NOT Attend ANY Physical Therapy Clinic Unless It meets The Following 3 Criteria…

 There is a lot of confusion surrounding Physical Therapy. I want to give you 3 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have before you invest in any Physical Therapy services:

One: Expert Hands On Physical Therapy by a Licensed Therapist.

Two: Special Certifications and Mentorship Training

Three: Uses the Latest Revolutionary Techniques to help decrease your pain and speed your recovery

The key is that less than 10% of all therapists in the United States meet the above criteria.

So how do you find the best hands-on PT in your area?

 “When you call in to schedule an appointment with your physical therapist, ask if their therapist are expert manual therapist who are Orthopedic Clinical Specialist or Fellowship trained and if they use revolutionary techniques such as cold laser or dry needling.  The receptionist will likely stutter and ask the PT.  If the PT says no or hesitates, keep looking.”

You want a physical therapist who is using the latest techniques proven in the research to be the best for you.

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